Saints Row 4 promises mayhem – lots and lots of mayhem

Saints Row has taken on an extra dimension – and the recently released 10 minute developer walkthrough shows just how with an alien invasion getting things off to a destructively impressive start before we see some of the new superpower capabilities at play.

Bigger guns, Bigger aliens in Saints Row 4

The Saints Row series just keeps getting bigger, zanier and more action packed with each release and if the first ten minutes of the latest iteration this looks like continuing with Saints Row 4.

The developer walkthrough begins by showing a press conference that the president – the player’s character- is due to take being interrupting by a mammoth alien invasion. Subtle.


We then see the president get in an oversized turret as he guns down ship after ship with insult after insult being thrown with each strike as the character quickly adapts to the new predicament in a typical crude Saints Row way.

Saints Row 4 video shows off new superpowers

The video then takes a jump forward to a future part of the game where the developer comments and describes just a few of the weird and wonderful “superpowers” the player will be able to utilize and dish out during the game.

First we see the player use an inferno power that brilliantly causes any goon to come near the president burst into flames and also niftily turns all bullets and firepower into incendiary weapons with the same effect.

Following this we see a unique way to transport through the city as the player’s blaze a trail and smashes everything in his way while picking up orbs to increase speed in what the developer comments is an “addictive” way to get around.


Superpowers are certain to add the “twist” that the developer mentions to the Saints Row series and will empower the player more than ever to cause more mayhem than ever before…. and kill some aliens while they’re at it.

Saints Row 4 to touch down August 2013

The Saints Row series has long lost touch with reality which has led to some of the wackiest and enjoyable games of the last decade. Saints Row 4 is going to take this one step further with the addition of superpowers to accompany the crude one liners and general crass humour.


Violation are describing Saints Row 4 as “The epic conclusion to the game that changed all the rules!” which might mean this will be the last game of the series.

Saints Row 4 is coming soon and should be out by the 23rd of August in Europe and 20th of August in the US for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Published: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 Last Modified: July 2, 2013

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