Safe Bing Search Available To All Schools

As Bing has grown to be more than just a search engine for a lot of people, the focus of Bing on education has become something that schools have become using more and more. On Wednesday, Microsoft made Bing in the Classroom available to all schools in the United States.

The Bing in the Classroom product is something released to schools, and is aimed to give children in schools a search experience free of ads and personalized advertising. Schools have taken the Bing product in the schools in great demands, and now all schools can use it for free.

Microsoft Updates Bing In The Classroom For All Schools To Use

What Is Bing In The Classroom?

The Bing in the Classroom product is a browser based implement of Bing, and is aimed to deliver school children from the grands of K-12 a ad free and advertising free search experience. The search results are also parsed to give children the right search results every time and is meant to keep children safe on Bing.

Currently, the service is being used by over 4.5 million students, and by five of the largest districts in the United States. Now, with no waitlist, no installation or new settings, and a simple form, can be added to a schools technology program within a few days of signing up for the service.

Microsoft Shows Off New Bing Rewards Programs For Schools

How It Has Been Improved

The product has been recently renamed from Bing for Schools to the current Bing in the classroom by Microsoft. The Bing Rewards program has also been improved so people can earn credits towards Surface tablets and computers when they signup for Bing as well. Users can search for their schools, and generate rewards via Bing Rewards for their schools this way.

Daily digital literacy lesson plans have also been improved, and teacher involvement in the product has also been improved. Millions of queries have been filtered, credits have been awards to schools, and over 500 free lesson plans have been distributed on the daily homepage. The Bing in the Classroom program has been a very successful program from Microsoft and only gets better with each improvement made.

Microsoft has a great educational product with Bing in the Classroom. It gets better and is a great school program.

Published: Friday, April 25th, 2014 Last Modified: April 25, 2014

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