Run Windows On Your Ipad With Parallels Access

In a move that will please Windows and Microsoft users this week, Parallels, the virtualization company, released its version of Parallels for the iPad.

The release of the app marks a huge improvement for users who use the iPad but need to run specific Windows applications. Many users use the iPad for business, but still require company specific Windows and Microsoft apps, and now should be able to run them with ease.


$79.99 Annual Subscription Required

The Parallels Access app requires a $79.99 annual subscription to use it on your iPad, but gives you the full Windows experience. Users will need to pay this for each computer they wish to use it with, and should work with many businesses as this can be a lifesaver for mobile workers.

Download, Install and Use

To access your Windows world, you need to download the app, install Access on the iPad, and then run the program. Parallels access groups together your Windows applications in a very easy to use format, and makes the user feel very comfortable in using the application for Windows on their iPad.

Brisk And Easy To Use

Users in reviews and posts have found that accessing their Windows virtual desktop is very brisk and easy to use. The app is geared primarily towards business and enterprise customers who need to get to their applications and machines while traveling, and is probably not meant for serious gaming. But, for those to access their virtual Windows machine while on the road, in a conference, or anywhere else, it will make their lives incredibly easier with the launch of this app.

Windows on an iPad has always been challenging, but now it is a reality. It requires an $80/yr subscription, but it will give users a great ability to run Windows on the road. It is brisk, fairly easy to use, and road warriors will find this the app of the year as they attempt to run Windows and Microsoft apps while traveling or mobile. This app is a huge step for Windows users and iPad users at the same time.

Published: Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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