Run Final Fantasy XIV in Full Screen Instead Of Windowed Mode

Don’t want to run Final Fantasy XIV in windowed mode? Here’s how you enable full screen mode.

Final Fantasy XIV Windowed Mode

1. Step Open Windows Explorer via Windows key + E
2. Step Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version
3. Step Double-click on ffxivconfig.exe
4. Step Click on General
FInal Fantasy 14 System Information
5. Step Go to the tab Video Settings
6. StepSelect Full Screen from the dropdown:

Full Screen Mode

7.Click on OK and confirm the prompt with Yes to save the settings.

Video Settings Overview

Final Fantasy XIV Display Mode fullscreen

Tip: You also might want to update the screen resolution (window size), multisampling (AA) and shadow details. If you have a good graphic card you can enable AA, run Final Fantasy 14 on a high resolutions and enable the highest shadow details.

The tab Graphics provides advanced options:

  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Depth of Field
  • Texture Quality and Texture Filtering

Check the options Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field if you think that your graphic card can handle it!

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Published: Saturday, September 4th, 2010 Last Modified: September 4, 2010

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