Rumour: Next-gen Xbox To Require Constant Connection, Releasing 2013

Xbox Next Gen Requires Constant Online Connection

The “Durango” Xbox will release Christmas 2013, but not without controversy. It’s possible that a constant internet connection will be one of the requirements, but it’s all speculation.

The latest round of rumours on the next generation Xbox say it’s coming next year, but will require an always-on internet connection

What do we know about the next-gen Xbox? Well, a lot if rumours are anything to go buy, with common themes such as a 2013 release and Blu-Ray looking likely. VG247 reports that the next-gen Xbox will require a constant internet connection.

Their report says that Microsoft is now briefing partners, “internally confirming” the console for a 2013 release. A release next year would be no surprise, as the company has publicly confirmed that there will be no next-gen Xbox news this year from it.

They also say the console will have a Blu-Ray drive, which is needed as games will undoubtedly be bigger with more powerful hardware. L.A. Noire had three discs, and Mass Effect 3 had to.

On specs, the site’s sources say that the console has something around AMD’s 7000 series GPUs. The source described the game as effectively two PCs, but works differently than PCs would, with the next Xbox GPUs will work independently. A PC’s would take turns. If the PS3 uses AMD too, as has been rumoured, then we could be seeing next-gen console with offering similar performance and support for third parties.

If the consoles offer similar support for third parties, then Microsoft’s lack of third party titles could backfire. Microsoft’s strategy this generation has been built around getting third parties on first, and with temporary exclusives (such as the Call of Duty DLC, which hits Xbox Live first). The company has lacked a catalogue of third party titles, whereas Sony has pushed exclusives such as Uncharted.

Durango will feature four-six cores, one reserved for the OS and one for Kinect.

No 2012 Durango Xbox

Microsoft have previously confirmed there will be no reveal of the next-gen Xbox, citing strong sales of the Xbox 360 and predicting 2012 will be its best ever year. As I’ve said many times, announcing a next-gen Xbox would bring attention away from late 2012 exclusive such as Halo 4.

I wouldn’t rule out a tease at E3 this year, though. I don’t expect any firm details, but do expect the codename at least.

Published: Monday, April 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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