Rumors: Xbox Loop Leaked?

According to the Microsoft roadmap released earlier this week, the next Xbox could be named ‘Xbox Loop’.


Next Xbox To Come In June 2013, Called Xbox ‘Loop’

The roadmap leaked on Monday this week unveiled a XBOX Loop, scheduled for a demo at the  E3 2013. (E3 is an international event for the electronic gaming industry that includes console, handheld and PC gaming). It is the largest event for the gaming industry in the year.

Post E3, Microsoft will apparently launch the console at the BUILD conference in the same year, 2013. However, releasing a console is not a very simple procedure. A lot depends on the software-hardware combination that needs to be prepared for commercial markets. And even when that is achieved, mass manufacturing of the hardware is also a hurdle to be crossed. Whatever hardware is finalized, it has to be manufacturing-friendly to be rolled out in mass numbers. This is a problem that we have often heard being faced by Apple due to their complicated and customized hardware designs.

The name might still be a code name though and the next Xbox might as well be called Xbox ‘720’. There’s no hard evidence to support the claim that this leaked document makes and hence it should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt.

After the Xbox Loop launch, the roadmap shows Microsoft unveiling the Kinect HP2 (High Precision 2) 3D motion sensor along with a major product update for the Xbox. Both of them will be launched in November 2014 apparently.

Whatever the amount of truth in all these rumors, the 2013 release of the next Xbox at least seems to have some validity. This time frame has already come from one other source and it was carrying the name Xbox 720.

Microsoft has so far made no comments regarding the story and it is highly unlikely that they will release any statement regarding this.

Published: Friday, October 28th, 2011 Last Modified: October 28, 2011

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