Rumors: Windows 8 Reported to be Hitting Retail this May

Although very unlikely, there is a rumor that Windows 8 may hit the stores earlier than expected.

Sidenote: The rumor is supposedly just that, because a RC is not even out yet and Microsoft confirmed they want to finish work on Windows 8 during the summer, it is more likely that Windows 8 will be released later this year in October 2012.

A source claims that Microsoft will release Windows 8 this May, bucking the October release trend

Expecting Windows 8 to launch for the holidays? If you are, then it might be time to reconsider as Windows 8 could be launching as early as May.

According to the WinUnleaked blog, the retail version of Microsoft’s latest OS will launch sometime between May and June. Previous rumours had suggested we would be seeing the released this October.

They also say the Release Candidate is called “HB1,” meaning builds are now officially post-beta. They also say that are slight changes to the Charms bar and Internet Explorer 10.

The blog also shared some information on the development process, saying that Microsoft are also adding the last touches to the UI and improving the performance of the system.

Previous information had suggested that Microsoft would be meeting partners as they build up to an October launch, discussing the roadmap up to launch.

Windows 8 has “retina” resolutions

Shortly after the new iPad release, supporting a best-in-class display, news quickly came out that said Windows 8 would support similar resolutions.

A blog post by Steven Sinofsky highlighted the support for various resolutions, which would offer a “consistent user experience” while supporting a range of form factors.

Sinofsky also said that they are pushing for the ability for developers to easily support platforms. As we noted when the original story was published, Microsoft seemed to have learned the lesson from launching Windows Phone 7 by maintaining a semi-closed ecosystem. The company is trying to find the right blend of setting specific specifications while allowing hardware manufacturers to produce a variety of devices. Google are finding it difficult to launch a successful tablet platform as they can’t control the experience developers are creating, with smartphone apps being blown up and other companies – such as Amazon – producing rival tablets based on the OS.

Sinofsky said the minimum screen resolution was 1064 x 768. However, he said that “the higher the minimum resolution, the richer and more tailored the app could be.” He also said the team didn’t want to compromise on smaller resolutions.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available for download now. Microsoft have not confirmed a specific release date.

Published: Monday, March 26th, 2012 Last Modified: March 26, 2012

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