Rumors: Windows 8 Release In August 2012, Windows 9 in 2014

According to an alleged leaked roadmap that surfaced earlier this week, Microsoft intends to release Windows 8 in August 2012 and Windows 9 will follow in two years.

Windows 8 and Windows 9

Leaked Roadmap Suggests August 2012 Release Date For Windows 8

Monday this week there were reports of a leaked roadmap from Microsoft that reveals the launch schedules for Windows 8.

Apparently, Windows 8 will see its beta release during CES 2012 (the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas this year) and not later this year as most of us are expecting. This beta will include the anticipated Winstore Beta online market. According to the leak, the next update to Windows Phone “Tango” will also be released alongside the Windows 8 Beta release. The Beta release is a public test release for software that allows a large number of people to test it out before commercial release. This allows for more bug fixes.

Windows 8 Release Candidate Launch, Xbox 360 Kinect SDK and Windows 9 Release Date

The Windows 8 Release Candidate (RC), which is the final phase for software before it is released commercially, is planned to be released during MIX 2012 according to the leaked information. This will come along with the Kinect commercial SDK (Software Development Kit — allows developers to make software for a platform) “Appollo”.

In August 2012, Microsoft could be commercially launching Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Xbox Store (for apps). Then comes Windows 9, which might see a November 2014 commercial release.

Windows 9 might see a Beta release during CES 2014, a Release Candidate release during MIX 2014 and a RTM (Release To Market) build at BUILD 2014. This build could possibly also come with Internet Explorer 12. Windows Phone 9 is also slated to be launched around the same time, making it simultaneous commercial release.

Even though all this information sounds very tempting, please be advised that this information has no official sanction or support. Till they find some hard evidence to support this leak, these are all still rumors. Here’s the original leaked report.

Published: Thursday, October 27th, 2011 Last Modified: October 27, 2011

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