Rumors About Cortana And Windows Phone 8.1 Emerge

As Siri is one of the most desired features of the Apple iOS operating system, rumors about Microsoft getting their own type of personal digital assistant. This PDA known as Cortana has been talked about, but on Thursday got a lot more real than ever before.

The name Cortana is taken from Microsoft’s Halo game series according to many who follow the company, and is a secretive and exciting new part of Windows Phone 8.1. The new phone operating system still is expected to be released later this year, and will be a new gadget for users to enjoy.

Microsoft's Cortana Gets New Rumor News In Upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Update

What Is Cortana?

Cortana is the brand new personal digital assistant built into Windows Phone 8.1, and will be replacing the Bing search feature. The Cortana assistant is expected to be included in the Windows Phone 8.1, and be deeply integrated within the operating system. It will speak, have emotions, and have lots of social features.

The Cortana assistant is built to be very social, and has taken advantage of the various Microsoft licensing and agreements that the company has put together. It will include information and tools from Bing, Foursquare, and others to compete with Siri and Google Now as one of the premier assistants available on a mobile phone.

Microsoft Has Cortana Assistant Built Into Windows Phone 8.1

Cortana Learns And Grows With Windows

The key thing that Microsoft has developed with the Cortana assistant is the ability to learn from its users. The assistant will learn from search queries that the user puts in, and learn the patterns of the user to build a better assistant for them. From contacts, scheduling, and other features, Cortana is built to be the ultimate assistant on Microsoft’s Windows Phone system.

Cortana from Microsoft is also expected to reach out to other products from Microsoft including Windows and Xbox. The voice commands that the Kinect products from Microsoft will be built into the learning pattern of Cortana, and will give it a full range of voice commands available to the user. Microsoft has a ton of research and investments into Kinect, and Cortana should be an awesome assistant in Windows Phone 8.1 when it launches.

I think this could be a great addition to Windows Phone 8.1. Siri is nice, but it has flaws, and Cortana could definitely show Siri some moves with its launch later this year.

Published: Friday, February 21st, 2014 Last Modified: February 21, 2014

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