Rumor-Wrap-Up: Next-gen Xbox and PlayStation Consoles: What We Know (Part Two)

Amd Chipset 6670 Could Be Durango Specs Cpu What Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have in store for us? It’s possible the Durango will use AMD’s latest 6670 chip (pic)

Losing track of all the rumours on the next-gen consoles? Don’t worry, here’s a collection of them

Yesterday we took a look at the development of the console and the controllers they could be using. Today, we’ll take a deeper look at the internals, along with their software, and will recap the news from yesterday.

Rumours suggest the Xbox 360 will use AMD’s latest 6670 chip which supports DirectX 11, 3D and multi-display. Waiting until 2013 will allow Microsoft to put in the HD 8000 graphics chip. We suspect that will be too late to be manufacturing consoles though, and specs will be close to confirmed at that point. Changing specs that late in the game would be unwelcome for developers, as launch games will likely be close to final.

Vice President of Epic Games, Mark Rein, says the new Xbox console will better the Xbox 360 and will also include integrated Kinect. That’s no surprise, as Microsoft will see their motion-sensing device as a killer app for the console. Kinect Adventures has sold 18 million units.

The PlayStation 4 is expected to jump over to AMD, ensuring developers have an easier time working with the platform. It has been reported that Crytek had been developing a next-gen game on the basis it would be using Cell, but restarted work on the title after hearing the next PlayStation console was not using it. If true, the result should be that third parties will have a harder time choosing which console to develop for and will likely consider features such as online support.

Regarding disc drives, it has been rumoured Microsoft will ditch a disc drive entirely. In a surprising move, Microsoft will reportedly move onto some kind of mounted drive – such as a USB, though with a lot more capacity. Other rumours have suggested Microsoft will catch up with the PlayStation 3 by going Blu-Ray, which will remove the need for multiple discs.

The PS4 is expected to go Blu-Ray, though Sony will apparently offer games online to download like the Vita does. This news came after used games were rumoured to be blocked in consoles, Kotaku said, where used games will only be a demo of the title if bought.

Published: Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 Last Modified: February 2, 2014

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