Rumor Says Windows 8 RTM Release Date Earlier In 2012 Than Expected

Here are the latest Windows 8 rumors. According to report, a source inside Microsoft has let it slip that Microsoft is actually on track for a release earlier than the previously quoted Q2/Q3 2012 time period.

Windows 8 RTM Release date

Windows 8 RTM Coming Early 2012 Instead Of Later

According to previously released information, Microsoft was looking at releasing Windows 8 to the market around mid-2012 after releasing multiple betas (two at least) and an RC (Release Candidate) build. It was also suggested that Windows 8 for all platforms (x86, ARM/SoC) will be released simultaneously. Now there’s a different rumor going around.

ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley has posted saying that an insider from Microsoft has told her about a new release timeline that would put the RTM milestone build in the first quarter of next year instead of it being in the middle. Windows 8 will release to manufacturing by the end of April. However, there’s no word on whether it will be all the platforms together or just x86.

Only One Beta Coming, And It’s Coming Soon

According to the rumor posted by Foley, there will be only one beta version released and it is being prepared for the Build Conference this coming September. The Release Candidate milestone will come after this and it will be delivered around January 2012. Immediately after that will be the RTM build and nothing in between.

If this is true, then we might have a public beta in our midst sooner than we expected. Microsoft has previously said that the next version of Windows will come within 24-36 months of Windows 7. On top of the fact that there’s a range of one whole year in that statement, it also does not say when to count the months from. Windows 7 reached RTM in July 2009 and was officially launched in October 2009.

Whatever it is that Microsoft is up to, the fact that the next version of Windows is coming close is becoming quite obvious.

Published: Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 Last Modified: June 28, 2011

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