Rumor: PlayStation Orbis to Launch before Microsoft’s Xbox Durango

Sony Ps4 Orbis Will Outsell Xbox 720_Thumb Sony are fully confident that they will get the jump on Microsoft with their upcoming console codenamed Orbis.

Sony are fully confident they will leave Microsoft behind next year, leaving it as the third and final console to release

On the same day we report that the next-gen Xbox console will feature AMD internals, VG247 report that Sony will be the second console manufacturer to head into next-gen. That would leave Microsoft as the last, with Nintendo the first this year.

Regarding specs, they were apparently in place around two years ago.

The source also said to pay attention to the keynotes next year, and who comes first in the schedule, hinting that Sony will before Microsoft.

The source also said all consoles will be out by 2014, which seems likely with Nintendo launching this year. Top publishers already know about the console, the source says.

“Developers working with publishers – like Ubisoft, for example -” know what’s going on with the PlayStation 4. So much so, they’re already working on it. Some developers will be receiving information about the next-gen console this May, while under NDA.

A reveal to developers in May would make sense, because E3 is in June so would give developers chance to ready a game for Sony to show off during their conference. During the announcement of the Wii U, Nintendo showed off various clips of upcoming games such as Darksiders 2 but reports suggested the games were not from the Wii U. At the time, the Wii U had a year at least until launch. That was probably too early to show off games.

The rest of the developers will briefed by the end of the year, the sources say.

Developers presumed Cell architecture

Other rumours suggest that the next-gen PlayStation will be using DirectX, and developers were presuming that the console would be sticking with the Cell internals found in the PS3.
VG247 say that Crytek were under way in development, presuming Cell would be in the PlayStation 4. When they found out Cell was being ditched, they had to start again.

If Sony is to get top-tier developer, then AMD looks like a good bet. Getting third parties on board could be a winning strategy next generation.

There will also be support between the Vita and PS4.

Published: Monday, April 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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