Rumor: PlayStation 4 Codenamed Orbis Also Features Anti-Used Policy (Part 2)

Playstation 4 Orbis Rumors

PS4 to release in 2013 and set to rival next-gen Xbox Durango. It is rumored to include an anti-used games policy.

The second part of our look the PlayStation 4 rumours that emerged yesterday

Yesterday we reported on some of the rumours on the next-gen PlayStation console, which Kotaku obtained through an anonymous source. Today is part two of that rumour round-up, and there’s still plenty to delve into.

Along with development kits being handed out now and throughout the rest of the year, updated kits were provided as early as GDC, the source also said that the there will be a 2013 launch. The PS3 launched November 2006 for North American and Japan. Sony made the mistake are launch late and with a huge, taking until now to sell competitively. Therefore, there will be no surprises when the “Orbis” PlayStation and “Durango” Xbox consoles launch alongside each other.

It’s possible that the Orbis “won’t even bother” to offers backwards compatibility. Rumours have suggested that Microsoft wouldn’t offer support for Xbox 360 games – despite GameStop thinking otherwise – but it was unknown whether Sony would follow suit.

Used games changing

Used games are in, but will be presented differently. The website reports that new games will come on a Blu-Ray disc, or as a downloadable title (if that’s the case, then hard drives sizes have to be increasing from launch). Games will also require a PSN account and an online connection to work, as many PSN titles do at the moment. However, Kotaku says that an always-on internet connection isn’t need: “All we’ve heard is that you need to authenticate a new game online via PSN,” they report. That mean you won’t be able to play a game offline and sell it.

What will significantly change, according to the source, is that buying used games will not grant access to it. Instead, the user will be offered a trial mode (a demo, basically). Users will have to pay to unlock the full game, which sounds potentially messy if games aren’t sold at full price when they release. The plus side, however, is that used games will still be sold and companies like GAME won’t lay off 40 percent of their employees nationwide.

Sony doesn’t comment on rumours or speculation.

Published: Thursday, March 29th, 2012 Last Modified: March 29, 2012

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