RPG Weekend Footage: LOCO, Two Worlds 2, Gothic 4, Lineage 2

Just in time for the weekend, RPG fans get a lot of new footage of LOCO, Two Worlds 2 and Mythos. Check out the trailers and pics after the break.

Lineage 2, Gothic, Two Worlds

Today, the official PTS server of Lineage 2 Freya will be online. The next update offers a lot of new weapons and armors for high-level players.

Check out Lineage 2 Freya Armors & Weapons

Other than that, video footage of LOCO (Lands of Chaos Online) and Two Worlds 2 have been released.

LOCO – Land of Chaos Online Open Beta Trailer

Two Worlds 2 Trailer

4 New Gothic 4 Pictures

New pictures of Gothic 4 have been released by Jowood. Finally, some more pictures of typical Gothic mobs:

Gothic 4
Gothic 4
Gothic 4
Gothic 4

Published: Friday, July 30th, 2010 Last Modified: July 30, 2010

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