Rounding Up Max Payne 3 Ahead of Release This Month: Part One

Max Payne 3 Release Coming

Max Payne 3 is releasing this month, so it’s time to round-up the important info.

May 15: Max Payne 3. I can’t quite believe Rockstar are actually releasing the game already, so here are the important bits!

Max Payne 3 is coming out in exactly a week in North America, so now’s the time to bring the important information together in one place so people know what the game is about. So pay attention.

The game comes in three editions: the Standard Edition, which is just the game, and the Collector’s Edition, which includes a 10-inch Max Payne statue along with art prints and the soundtrack.

Regarding the story, Max Payne 3 is no longer a cop and is washed up. He’s addicted to painkillers and takes a job from a family in Sao Paulo, and protects the wealth of real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco as Max tries to escape his troubled past. Max travels across Sao Paulo and New York as he tries to discover meaning in his wasted life.


Multiplayer is also in, which has been slightly controversial given Max Payne’s history as a single-player game. However, Max Payne 3 sounds like it’s competitive space works within the Max Payne universe.

One such feature is Bullet Time, the slow-mo ability which allows players to dive dramatically through the air. In multiplayer, it can only be used when the enemy is in a player’s line of sight. Enemies that can see the player are also slowed down, and players get an aiming speed advantage. Escape from the line of sight to escape Bullet Time.

Burst are the perk equivalent in Max Payne 3, and characters can be customised with various Bursts. Example bursts include Paranoia Burst that makes opponents’ teammates appear as enemies. The second level turns on friendly fire too. Another Burst is the Weapon Double Dealer Burst: level 1 deactivates the enemies’ special weapon attachments while level 3 causes enemies to drop grenades – live – at their feet. There are plenty more, so check the source link for a full list.

A feature called Vendettas is also in, which can be invited if you’re killed twice in a row. This reveals the enemies location on the map, rewarding the killer bonus XP.

Published: Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 Last Modified: May 10, 2012

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