Rounding Up Information on Crysis 3

Crytek’s closing chapter in the trilogy is set to bring the franchise’s best bits together.

We haven’t had news on Crysis 3 for a while, but there is still plenty to be known

Crysis 3 closes out the trilogy that began three years ago, and set a benchmark for high-end PC gaming and frequently puts new computers to the test. So, with a lot of information out there, what do you need to know?

Regarding the story, players once again play as Prophet and return to a ruined New York which looks more like a jungle that a place to live. The Cell Corporation has encircled the the city in a Nanodome, creating distinct areas with different environments the player will explore. For example, environments resemble a forest, featuring swamps and rivers.

The game is set in 2047, with the aim to stop Cell Corporation from convincing people that Nanodomes are for the good of the people and will protect them from the Ceph alien forces. We all know this is rubbish, though, and the Corporation are using the Nanodomes for world domination (I know, the plot’s about as cliche as it can get).


The gameplay of Crysis 3 has been described as a hybrid between the sandbox experience in Crysis 1, and the streamlined experience of Crysis 2. Some people didn’t appreciate the change in direction 2 took and, having played Crysis 1, being able to take multiple approaches to complete an objectives is definitely good news. It brings added layers to the game, encouraging players to think before acting.

Different characters will have different weapons. The soldiers will have typical mechanical guns, while the Ceph will have mech tripods and flamethrowers. Prophet will have … a bow and arrow. However, it can be customized with explosives and scopes and numerous fire modes – the ultimate all-in-one weapon.

The Nanosuit Power, Stealth and Armor modes return once again. The configurations allow players to move quickly, coat themselves in an active camouflage ability and give Prophet’s shields added protection. Again, appealing to the different play styles.

Crysis 3 is releasing March 28, so the first quarter of the month is looking increasingly busy for gamers despite the looming next-generation consoles. Hopefully Crytek can bring the best the previous games together, with or without DirectX 11.

Published: Friday, May 25th, 2012 Last Modified: May 25, 2012

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