Roku Brings Windows 10 App To Desktops

Whether you are someone who enjoys streaming content, or are a cordcutter, you probably have heard of Roku. It is one of the most widely successful streaming device companies, and builds great products. It has now unveiled its Windows 10 app for desktops.

Before now, Roku had only put out a Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 app, but Microsoft and Roku are both unveiling the Roku Desktop app for Windows 10. It is being unveiled as we type, and enhances the already popular Windows app, but for Windows 10 machines.

Roku Debuts Windows 10 App For Desktops

Windows 10 Updates

The Roku app for Windows 10 app is rolling out to the Windows Store, and is free to download. It lets you view your channels from the desktop, and lets you browse lists of channels with a single swipe or click. It connects to your Roku device, and simply works.

The Windows 10 updated app also gives you acces to over 3,000 channels, and more than 300,000 movies and TV episodes. You can also use the Cortana integration with the Roku for Windows 10 app, and ask for your favorite content, TV shows, actors, and more.

Windows 10 Users Get New Roku App For Streaming Pleasure

Roku App Highlights

With the Windows 10 updates, the Roku overall app is a great one. It works with all Roku Streaming Sticks, Roku 3, Roku TV’s, and future Roku devices. You can navigate through your Roku device, search for your favorite channels, and start watching them right away.

The app itself does require a Roku player to be used, so if you don’t have one, the app itself won’t be helpful. But, you can use it on multiple Roku devices too, and enjoy it on your laptop and tablet if desired. It’s a fully functional app, and a great worthy download.

If you own a Roku, get the new Windows 10 app. It’s great with a Roku, and great on Windows 10.

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Published: Monday, June 27th, 2016 Last Modified: June 27, 2016

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