Rock Band Blitz Release Date This Summer, No Dusting Off Peripherals

Harmonix Rock Band Blitz

Rock Band Blitz brings players together … with controllers. The release date is unknown, scheduled for late summer 2012.

Harmonix have ditched the fake guitars and drum kits in favour of a controller in its next Rock Band title

Loved playing in bands when you could-but-really-can’t play guitar? Well, don’t pay attention to the next Rock Band title – Rock Band Blitz – because the latest entry in the rhythm game franchise doesn’t support controllers.

Rock Band Blitz is primarily a single player experience, moving away from the party-centric focus of the previous Rock Band games. Players use the controller to switch between tracks, still using buttons to time beats to achieve high scores.

The press release also confirms that there are over 2 new tracks in the game, with support for all Rock Band DLC. Notable songs include Blink-182’s “Always,” Foster the People’s “Pumped up the Kicks,” and Rick Springfield’s “Jessie Girl.” Harmonix say Rock Band Blitz is compatible with “most” of players’ Rock Band music libraries from Rock Band, Rock Band 2, the Rock Band Music Store and more. All of the tracks that come in Rock Band Blitz will be playable in Rock Band 3, for free.

Harmonix CEO and co-founder Alex Rigopolus said “[w]e’re excited to give Rock Band fans a new way to play their existing Rock Band library.” He added that there will be over 3,500 songs that players can play through.


As mentioned, the reveal video shows off different mechanics to the traditional Rock Band experience. Where players would usually be standing up, seeing a stage in front of them as if they were in a band, now players are sitting down as they travel through the fictional “Rock City”. There’s no specifics on how the mechanics work, but players can shift between the four elements of a band (vocals, guitar, bass and drums). Perhaps switching between each part of the band highlights that section.

The press release confirmed there would be power ups. These are gained through Overdrive sections marked through white notes. Hit them successfully, build up your Overdrive meter, and Overdrive launches granting access to power ups such as the Bottle Rocket which clears all notes on the track for a certain length.

Release Date: Summer 2012

Rock Band Blitz is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this summer.

Published: Thursday, April 12th, 2012 Last Modified: April 12, 2012

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