Revisiting Pandora App On Windows 10

Pandora is one of the most widely used music apps across all desktop and mobile platforms today. Pandora has also updated their service to include a Pandora Plus service, which makes us want to revisit Pandora’s Windows 10 apps.

Pandora’s music service operates at both the desktop and mobile level, and gives users multiple ways to enjoy its service. It offers a free ad supported service, and the Pandora Plus or formerly known Pandora One for $4.99/month.

Pandora Is Personalized Music On Windows 10

What Is Pandora?

If you aren’t familiar with Pandora, it is from the Music Genome Project, and analyzes your music as you enjoy it. It gives you a personalized music radio station at your fingertips, and evolves with your music tastes and playback.

Pandora’s Windows 10 apps let you create stations from songs and artists, browse hundreds of stations, personalize stations, see whats playing via the Pandora Live Tile, use Cortana to control it, and enjoy it across all Windows 10 devices.

Genres Of Music Are Available With

Xbox One Support & Pandora Plus

The Pandora app for Windows 10 also works across the Xbox One consoles, and it lets gamers set their own soundtracks as they play. They can pause and resume music with ease, and get a perfect balance of music during the game.

The Pandora Plus service is the newest thing from Pandora. It’s a $4.99/month service, and gives users much more personalization than before, an ad-free way of listening, and a number of features that are well worth the price.

If you want to personalize your music, try out Pandora. The free service is great, and the $4.99/month Pandora Plus is the best money spent on the web today.

Published: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 Last Modified: October 25, 2016

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