Reviewing the Guild Wars 2 Beta, Here’s What I Loved: Dynamic Events

Guild Wars 2 Beta Preview

Another review of the first Guild Wars 2 open beta weekend event

Guild Wars 2 took another step towards release with the first weekend beta last week

Yesterday I began to talk about my impression of the Guild Wars 2 weekend beta, which ran from last Friday-Sunday, which I played. Specifically, I talked about combat and the change in the approach from other MMOs: Guild Wars 2 doesn’t force players to meet certain requirements by (for example) killing a certain number of enemies. Today we’re going to talk about Dynamic Events.

Guild Wars 2 removes the traditional questing from other MMOS, which take players to an NPC who shows a text bubble. That player would then do the quests, return to the NPC, skip more text and gain the reward. Guild Wars 2 introduces Dynamic Events, which are moments in the world which happen at any time. For example, there was an event called The Maw which – unbeknown to me – spawned ice tornadoes and a priest who summoned ice minions. And I wasn’t the only player doing this: this were at least 20 players, maybe more, doing the event. It was incredible, and I simply have never seen anything like it in a game before. It was a moment which I advise anyone to experience, or moments like it.

Though Dynamic Events happen on a smaller scale: at least 50 people were killing Grawl in a cave I literally happened to walk into. These are marked by a orange circle while players walk into. They require plays to meet specific requirements in a certain amount of time, though the countdown only begins towards the end. All contributions count too, meaning players get the same reward as long as they don’t leave the orange circle. The final rewards are rated by bronze, silver or gold medals.

Filling hearts

Heart icons are also on the maps, which mark optional quests (though I don’t really like using that terms) which can be completed. An example was collecting snowballs for a child, who wanted to build a snowman army. Usually enemies are nearby, or the items have a negative effect. They sound rubbish, but are very good especially for the short time investment.

Published: Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 Last Modified: May 1, 2012

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