Reviewing The CS:GO Beta

While Jon reviewed the Guild Wars 2 beta,  I played the CS:GO beta and here’s my review. In one word: Awesome

Reviewing The Cs Go Beta

CS:GO is the best Counter Strike to date. Period. The game not only has the most solid hitbox system, the new maps and game modes are awesome and many veterans should return home to give this a try. As many of you, Counter-Strike was my first FPS and to date this is still the best shooter out there by far and CS:GO brings it to a whole new level.

Quick Match: Even if you haven’t played CS for a while, you will quickly get back into the game and Valve makes it really easy to get a feeling for the game. The “Quick Match” option puts you right into the game and thanks to one of the new modes that is very similar to the popular gungame mod you don’t even have to prepare all those buy scripts you still have from CS:Source – you simply join the game and you’re ready to go. (Eventually, you will probably have to take a look at buy scripts again as soon as you try the old game modes.)

Counter Strike Global Offensive De_bank0008

Fast paced: It’s fun and addictive. CS:GO is pure adrenaline. Remember when you had to wait minutes until a round would be finished? No more, CS:GO is fast-paced, but still offers you enough time for tactical gameplay. Sure, you’ll still have campers and people that are afk, but it’s part of the game. You will go down a lot quicker, a few hits and you’re a goner, but the weapons feel so balanced and as mentioned before the hitboxes are perfect now – remember when you hit people in previous CS games and they just wouldn’t die? I can’t say for sure it’s a thing of the past, but from what I’ve seen, it just feels so much better and precise now. This will give skilled players a huge boost.

Awards: Oh yea, admit it, playing for awards and achievements is fun. In CS:GO there’s plenty of stuff you can earn. Many new awards and achievements are up for grabs. You’ll get achievements real quickly and that is encouraging for new players, but you have to work a little for the real awards that are shown on the player tab screen.

Counter Strike Global Offensive De_bank0008

All in all, I’m very impressed how balanced the game already is and it’s lots of fun. You first have to get used to the new maps, but once you know them in and out you’ll love them.

Stay tuned for another more detailed review and make sure to get this game. Best FPS ever!

Published: Saturday, May 5th, 2012 Last Modified: May 5, 2012

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