Review of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

Review of Dungeon Hunter Alliance.

Review Dungeon Hunter Alliance

Gameloft moves to home gaming consoles

The role playing first shooter game Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is significant for two reasons based on its actual usability: the fact that it will be one of the first releases to hit the new Sony Xperia Play mobile phone gaming device, and the fact that it also is one of the first games that Gameloft has released for a home gaming console. Gameloft is notorious for releasing mobile games for platforms such as the iPad, but this time the company has decided to take on home gaming systems which in turn has led them to step up their game when it comes to content and graphics creating a very nice crop of features for the release.

Dungeon Hunter: Alliance plot

The plot line for the new game is pretty self-explanatory and typical of your traditional RPG, create your character and develop its strengths so that you can head off with friends to explore the dungeons as you build even more skills and find hidden weapons. Although this may seem a bit boring summed up, like most RPG the plot has just enough side features to keep it moving along and the fact that you can invite friends along both in your home and over the internet via the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 keeps things fresh.

Quick features and fast transitions

While at times the game may seem a bit repetitive, one thing that Gameloft has going for it is the fact that the characters move quickly throughout the game and levels or scenes transition at the speed of life on the home gaming consoles. Gameloft is used to the iPhone platform where everything must be simple in order to keep moving, so with a little polishing one thing that the game can do is quickly transport without any problems.

A step into olden times

Most of the graphics are what you would expect to see in a medieval game named after dungeons with plenty of dark shadows and magical spells floating around to keep your eyes busy. At times the textures can get a bit one-dimensional which may be the iPad and iPhone preference, but the attacks of the faeries make up for a bit and the overall ambience of the game complete with music that is perfectly timed helps to distract from the plain format when needed.

Release Date: April 12, 2011
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Published: Monday, June 20th, 2011 Last Modified: June 21, 2011

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