Retro Studios Developing Metroid Prime-Star Fox Crossover Wii U Title, Promises to be Epic

The Wii U could have a shock title for its launch later this year.

A rumor could have undermined Nintendo’s announcement of a, well, surprising title to say the least

Out of all the first-party titles we expect from Nintendo, Star Fox and Metroid probably aren’t the most highly requested. So a crossover title featuring the characters definitely isn’t, but it could be happening.

The rumor came from Paul Gale, of the Paul Get Network. He previous revealed the title for Sony’s Super Smash Bros. rival, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal.

Players start off controlling Star Fox, who crashes into Samus Aran’s ship causing her to crash on a planet. While she prepares to crash, players use the Wii U’s screen to press switches and brace for impact while the TV’s camera is fixed on looking out the cockpit. The game continues to switch between the two characters: Fox’s, while Aran’s sections are longer.


Aran and Fox will meet, alternating roles as Samus flies her ship and Fox travels on foot. The latter’s movement will be similar to Rya Hayabusa’s, so agility-based. That sounds potentially awesome and definitely the action-focused approach I want. Players will have to option to exclusively play as one characters, though both meet up and therefore both characters will have to be played.

The Metroid Prime experience will be alone, focusing on collecting items and levelling up with the ultimate to repair the ship. This section of the game is in first-person, like Retro’s Metroid Prime games for the GameCube and the Wii, so that should continue to impress. It’ll be interesting if the Star Fox sections are lou and action packed, while Aran’s sections are quiet and server as the antithesis. I do love the idea, at least in principle, and it would be a very creative way to use a strong developers to bring two franchise back the fore of the industry.

The Star Fox sections won’t have four-player co-op, which was considered, with leaderboards taking its place. Multiplayer will be vs modes.

Gale isn’t 100 percent sure the game is in development, suggesting it could be a discarded pitch. However, he adds this is the closest he’s got to finding out what Retro has been working on over the past 13 months.

Published: Friday, May 25th, 2012 Last Modified: May 25, 2012

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