Resistance 3 Special Edition To Be Released This Fall, Preorder Bonus Revealed

A special edition of Resistance 3 can now be pre-ordered online. The game is coming later this year.
Resistance 3 Release Date

Resistance 3 coming this autumn

Last week’s news brought photos of the box art for the upcoming title Resistance 3 which is a long awaited sequel to the first two titles in the franchise. However, the news gets even better than looking at the artwork as Sony has officially announced that it will hit gaming shelves on September 8th in both Ireland and the UK with a release in other PAL regions just two short days prior. Even more so, Sony is already offering gamers a look at the bonus perks that they will get if they pre-order the game now.

Character skin pre-order bonuses

Those who pre-order the special edition of the game from a number of popular websites will get a special SRPA Black Op skin that lets you come back to life as one of the characters of Resistance 2 bringing a bit of the past into the future. You also get a Nathan Hale skin with a pre-order so that you can bring him back to life to play as well. Both of these characters have not been seen since the first two titles and offer great multiplayer experiences.

Other pre-order perks attached to Resistance 3

Trekking across America with the SRPA is a challenging task, which makes the free Air Fuel grenade well worth it. The grenade releases vapor into the sky that is flammable and capable of easily taking out multitudes of Chimera in one go. If this is not enough, the free copy of Sentinel which is also a multiplayer game may be enticing as well as the Multiplayer booster that allows you to jump onto the battlefield at level five instead of one so that you can get better weapon and character options from the start. You also get a tooth necklace that looks likes Chimera’s so that you can support the game even when you are not at home

Special Edition releases of Resistance 3

Outside of the pre-order bonuses, you can also get all of the free perks listed above by purchasing the Resistance 3 Special Edition copy of the game which comes with a voucher code for all the freebies listed above plus a great steelbox case that will look pretty impressive on your gaming shelves. In addition, the special edition comes with a blu-ray disc that almost looks like vinyl down to the small ribs on its surface

Release: September 9th

Published: Friday, July 1st, 2011 Last Modified: July 1, 2011

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