Resident Evil Retribution: First Wallpaper Theme for Windows 7

The Resident Evil movie “Retribution” is coming. Get this free theme for Windows-7-PC’s with the first background!
Resident Evil Retribution Backgrounds

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Jill and Rain will be back in Resident Evil Retribution. Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) became a zombie in the first Resident Evil movie, so it’s either an independent movie (unlikely), a flashback or she will somehow return to life. Another possibility of course is that she’s playing a bad-ass Umbrella zombie, but that is also very unlikely. So, it’s gonna interesting to see how they explain that if Rain will be part of this movie.

Resident Evil Retribution Wallpaper

Resident Evil Retribution Wallpaper 1


Download Windows 7 Theme

Resident Evil Retribution theme

Download Resident Evil Retribution Windows 7 Theme

Published: Sunday, January 8th, 2012 Last Modified: January 8, 2012

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