Resident Evil: Raccoon City Multiplayer Game

A new Resident Evil multiplayer game might be in the making. According to, Capcom hired SOCOM developer Slant Six for the game.
Resident Evil Multiplayer

Team-based Resident Evil?

A team-based Resident Evil game would be pretty amazing. In Resident Evil 5 you can play with with a teammate, but playing in a small group is a whole different experience. I could imagine it would work really well in Resident Evil. The mission difficulty could dynamically adopt to the number of players that are currently linked in and if someone drops out it will decrease again. This has been done before, so should be doable for SOCOM developer Slant Six Games (SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs).

Hopefully Resident Evil: Racoon City or whatever the final game will be called will not be a random MMO, but a decent multiplayer game instead. Looking forward to it!

Update: As soon as we get any update on this we will let you know.

Published: Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 Last Modified: March 18, 2012

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