Resident Evil Raccoon City Game Preview

What to expect from Resident Evil Raccooon City.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Preview

Release date: Winter 2011

Operation Raccoon City returns for third time

After two rounds of surviving Raccoon City you would think that most people would be happy to be free of the zombie dogs, deserted civil stations, and the mutated viruses that contaminate pretty much everything, but Capcom is not yet ready to let the birthplace of Resident Evil die bringing the harrowing city back to life in its new edition of Resident Evil due to this winter aptly titled Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. However, there is of course a twist to make this time through the wrecked city a bit more fun.

Change in perspectives

The major difference is that Operation Raccoon City focuses on squad based shooting returning to the purest roots of the popular first person shooting game. For those who enjoy the skill of the franchise over the intense graphics this will be a welcome change, although there are plenty of dramatic graphics and stomach bending scenes to leave both types of gamers satisfied by the time they get through it.

Evil over your shoulder

To get through Raccoon City you may want to have some salt on hand to toss over your shoulder, because there is plenty of evil lurking there throughout. The camera is focused over the player’s back shoulder like many of the later Resident Evil titles making it a precise shooting game that follows the franchise SOCOM confrontation. It also allows for up to four person play via the co-op feature although those who are playing alone can still enjoy the battle with AI buddies in tow making it entertaining on all levels depending on how many mates you can talk into playing along.

Basic plotline of Operation Raccoon City

While you could simply say that Operation Raccoon City is a shoot them and kill them type of game, it does of course have a plot line as you get to fight some of the most ruthless killers of the Umbrella Security Service in an effort to take back the town and free it of the disease it has become. Along the way you will spend your time fighting the government and zombies making the game even toned enough for continual play with the occasional chance to use a few bio organic weapons that up the ante just a bit.

Published: Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 Last Modified: March 18, 2012

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