Research: Windows 8 Upgrade Interest Rather Low

An new study conducted by research firm IDC suggests that PC users might not be all that interested in upgrading to Windows 8 just yet.

Windows 8 Gives A Brand new look and feel to the PC experience

Current PC Users Wont Be Very Interested In Windows 8, Says IDC

Research firm IDF recently released a report where it states that current conventional PC users are not likely to be very interested in Microsoft’s next iteration of Windows. According to them, Microsoft has a tough job on their hands trying to convince customers that this platform is going to work for them.

According to the researchers, Windows 8 is going to be largely “irrelevant” to those who are working on conventional PCs at the moment. By conventional PCs IDC seems to mean the usual desktop or laptop setup that has no inkling of touch except may be some multitouch gestures on a laptop touchpad. There’s nothing in the mainstream right now that can prepare users for Windows 8, except of course the early test versions of Windows 8 itself.

But that is precisely why it also stands a fighting chance to work the market — there’s nothing quite like it out there. True that it is a world of difference from Windows 7 to Windows 8 but then Microsoft is not banking to change the world in one day. Windows 8 is likely launch in the second half of 2012 and it will be the second half of 2013 when Windows 8 has really gotten a lot of hardware support and developer support.

IDC says that the only value brought to the average consumer by Windows 8 over Windows 7 is the access to the Windows Store. Other than that, there’s hardly anything there. Additionally, most enterprises have just finished going through upgrading to Windows 7. So they don’t to go through “upgrade fatigue” so soon. However, there have been previous reports of enterprises looking enthusiastically at Windows 8. So right the response from enterprise seems to be a mixed one.

Published: Friday, December 23rd, 2011 Last Modified: December 23, 2011

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