Remote Desktop Windows 10 Adds 2017 Features

The Remote Desktop App from Microsoft has been in a preview mode for sometime, but the app constantly gets new features added. The April 2017 list of new features though, might make the RDP app more useful for many users and admins.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview app is free from Microsoft, and it allows users to connect to desktops anywhere in the planet with the app via RDP. The app itself started off early, and has improved over the months for Windows 10.

Microsoft Updates Remote Desktop Preview App On Windows 10

April 2017 Updates

In the latest version 976 update, Microsoft has added RDP file support, allows access to the local microphone from the session, and has let users add new sessions from a non-English keyboard.

Additionally, Microsoft has added ways for desktops to be moved between groups in a drop & drag method, allows for clipboard redirection to be turned off, and lots of bug fixes, aimed to make the Windows 10 app more secure.

Windows 10 Remote Desktop Preview App Gets Better From Initial Release

Previous App Updates Improved App

With the versions going from version 900-972, Microsoft has made the RDP app capable of multiple concurrent sessions, has added touch support, added desktops to custom groups, and copy/paste of images and objects.

The Remote Desktop app for Windows 10 is actually a pretty easy to use, and is useful for the amateur tech support fan, to the most advanced IT professional. Once it gets the preview tag removed, it should be an awesome app.

Try out the latest RDP app on the Windows Store now. If you use, let us know how you do.

Published: Thursday, April 27th, 2017 Last Modified: April 27, 2017

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