Remote Desktop Preview Available For Windows Phone

Being able to connect to a remote desktop from your computer or other mobile computer, is a very valuable option for many IT professionals. Late Wednesday, Microsoft released the Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phones and Windows PC’s, and is a remarkable program.

The universal app is built for Windows Phones and PC’s, and will give users the ability to communicate with remore PC’s anywhere. A remote PC and be connected to and RemoteFX is the ability to communicate with them. This program will make remote communications with desktops a great thing.

Microsoft Releases Remote Desktop Preview For Windows Phone Users To Download

Features Of Remote App

With the Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview, users can experience rich multi-touch experiences with remote desktop protocol, and RemoteFX supporting Windows gestures. Secure connections to data and applications via Network Level Authentication technology can also be achieved.

Additionally, a simple management of all remote connections from the connected center can be achieved by an IT professional. Lastly, high quality video and sound streaming with improved compression and bandwidth usage can be done, and this will help those looking to stream audio or video from remote connections.

Microsoft Gives Enterprise Users The Remote Desktop Preview For Tablets, Windows Phones and PC's

Why Remote Desktops Work

With this new Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview, users will be able to connect to their personal or work computers using any form of Microsoft device. Windows Phones have been missing this very valuable program, and this along with the future VPN availability in Windows Phone 8.1 will give enterprise users business tools they need.

Connecting to an office PC to get work done, to troubleshoot problems, and to solve crucial data problems will make this free program a must have for IT professionals. It is still in a preview mode from Microsoft, and still has bugs to work out. Microsoft is soliciting opinions from users, but over 300 reviews so far have been made, and a four out of five star review tally means that people love it. It’s been long desired by enterprise customers, and now they have it.

This type of program is a must have for business and enterprise customers. Now, with Windows Phone and Windows PC’s having a universal app, it makes remote connections easier to achieve.

Published: Friday, April 25th, 2014 Last Modified: April 25, 2014

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