Remind Yourself To Take Medication With Pillbox On Windows 10

If you take any type of daily medication, you know that reminding yourself to take it can be tiresome. Whether its daily, semi-daily, or more frequently taken pills, it can be grueling. Now, with Pillbox on Windows 10 it can be made easier.

Pillbox is a Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile app, made to remind users to take their pills and medication. It’s been updated to support a number of features, but for any medication taker, it could be a life-saving app for their Windows 10 device.

Pillbox Makes Medicine Reminders East With Windows 10

Pillbox Features

With Pillbox on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices, you are given the free app that supports five medications off the bat. You can purchase the premium version if looking for additional medication support, but probably try it out and see if you like it first.

You can add new medication reminders for any day and time, edit medicine schedules as they change, backup and restore the data using OneDrive, toggle alarms for each medicine, view all your medicines at ones, and glance at your medicines overall.

Don't Forget Taking Medicines With Pillbox Using Windows 10

Confirm and Be Safe

Once you have added your medicines and schedules to Pillbox, you can confirm what medicines to take by clicking the toast notification and seeing the list of medicines overall to take. This gives you an overall glance at them, and a confirmation of the medicine profile.

Like with any medicine related app using technology, you always want to remain safe, and pay special attention to it. Initially when using it, be sure to have a backup schedule until you are used to it, so you don’t miss dosages, and consult your physician with any concerns.

Pillbox is a unique and special app for medicine takers. It’s worth trying, and has a special niche that many users might find lifesaving at times.

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Published: Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 Last Modified: November 3, 2016

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