Remember Your Notes With Sticky Notes Pro

If you are like most people, you have sticky notes all over your desk and computer screen, and your desk gets cluttered with random things. Now, a Windows 10 app named Sticky Notes Pro tries to help out.

With Sticky Notes Pro, you get a remarkable app whose job is to simply save notes on your desktop screen. It allows you to pin it to the start screen, and hopefully never forget, within reason.

Jot Down Notes With Ease Using Sticky Notes Pro

Sticky Notes Pro Features

With Sticky Notes Pro, you get the kind of sticky notes app that kind of works with your life. You can simply write the text, choose a color, and then pin that note directly to the start screen.

So, if you randomly remember that you need to pick up cereal and milk at the store, but need a reminder, just write the text using the app, find a friendly color, and pin it directly to the start screen.

Colorful Notes Add To Desktop On Windows 10 With Sticky Notes Pro

Beyond Notes

Sticky Notes Pro goes beyond just a simple note taking app, and it lets you choose the font for the reminder, lets you move the sticker around the screen, and gives you total control.

Advanced users will love the support for Windows Hello and Ink, and use the 2 types of stickers with text and drawings in the note. You can also share notes with others, and move all stickers from the desktop to the app.

Sticky Notes Pro is regularly $7.99 but on sale now for $0.99 at the Windows Store. Its a great low priced app, and a Windows 10 essential app for many.

Published: Monday, November 7th, 2016 Last Modified: November 7, 2016

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