Remember, Remember, The 13th of November: It May Be Black Ops 2’s Launch Date

Black Ops 2 Release Date Leaked

Apparent box art say November release date is Call of Duty season again, launching Black Ops 2

Stop the press, take a deep breath and wait a second … Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 launches November 13. Maybe

Surprise! November is, but not officially, though will very likely, becoming Call of Duty season once again. The shocking news comes from what is claimed to be a leaked box art of the game, which showed the November 13, 2012 release date.

The only difference to last year’s Call of Duty November release is that the game actually has some sizeable competition, and it’s very close to the game too: Halo 4. The latter launched November 6, 2012. A week before Black Ops 2 could launch, most consumer will be deciding whether to buy one or the other. Call of Duty is also more popular on the Xbox 360, while Halo 4 is exclusive to the Xbox, so Microsoft will want to be pushing sales of both. The question is which do the marketing team prioritise, and literally at what cost?

Other details on the box art are a revised font typeface, which looks suspicious, and the orange “II” to signal the second Black Ops title. The figure on the front shows an armored figure, wearing a headset of some kind and holding a pistol. Lens flare blocks the face of the figure, though, which adds a little bit of suspicion to the image. There’s also every reason to believe that’s legitimate, particularly as the figure looks similar to that of the one on the leaked poster.

The reason date definitely seems genuine. Treyarch are revealing the game early next Month, on May 1, so we’ll almost certainly know then. This year will probably represent the first year when most consumers seriously consider whether to buy a Call of Duty title, because sales of slowing and Black Ops 2 has competition in Halo 4. More people are becoming tired of the rehashed formula, so bringing fresh and meaningful mechanics runs the risk of alienating the player base. There’s also the need for a new setting, in the way Call of Duty 4 brought the franchise into the modern era.

Activision has not responded to comments on the box art. Remember, it’s May 1.


Published: Thursday, April 26th, 2012 Last Modified: April 26, 2012

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