Reimagine Your Notebook With Plumbago

We can all remember our notebooks as a child, when we drew all over them, and made them artsy and one of our favorite things to carry around. Microsoft remembers that as well, and launched Plumbago from their Microsoft Garage Project Lab.

Plumbago is a notebook app unlike any other, and harnesses the power of digital writing to a new level. It recreates the notebook experience for the digital age, and features realistic ink, paper, and much more.

Launch Digital Creative Notebooks With Plumbago On Windows 10

Plumbago Features

The Plumbago app is 100% unique and different for users. It lets users experience smooth handwriting, realistic ink and paper, the ability to add pictures, have unlimite notebooks, navigate through pages, and share pages to others.

One would describe the Plumbago app for Windows 10, as a digital notebook with creative influences. Users can use their favorite digital pen, and draw to their hearts content, and experience digital influences that make notebooks fun again.

Microsoft Garage Projects Launch Plumbago On Windows 10

Ideal For Windows 10 Tablets

The Plumbago app is from Microsoft’s Garage Projects, and is a new kind of app. They describe it as the perfect app for Windows 10 tablets, like the Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, or the very popular Surface Book.

It’s a new kind of app to take notes with and do sketches on. It’s a very creative app for tablet users, and one that organized individuals will love. It also brings in social elements to enhance sharing and backing up to OneDrive as well.

If you love to sketch and draw, Plumbago is your kind of app. It’s free, and worth trying out if you love notebooks of yesteryear.

Published: Monday, March 21st, 2016 Last Modified: March 21, 2016

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