Regular Halo 4 Edition: You’ll Be Paying $25 If You Want A Season Pass For New Maps

Halo 4 Season Pass For New Maps

Buying the Halo 4 Limited Edition grants players access to all the map packs when released. For players buying the regular edition or the Halo 4-themed console, you’re going to be paying $25 if not buying individually.

Tip: Price and release date for the limited edition Xbox console have been announced

2,000 Microsoft Points is the cost of a season pass-esque service for Halo 4

While $25 may sound expensive, it’s 15 percent off the full price of the map packs when buying individually. Map packs generally are 1200 Microsoft Points; add $30 on top of the $60 price of Halo 4 and you’re paying around $90. The Limited Edition costs $90.

Halo 4 Season Pass For New Maps
(Picture: Limited Edition of Halo 4)

Away from the season pass, Microsoft revealed the Limited Edition does have 90 minutes of footage of the Forward Unto Dawn live action series airing before Halo 4 launches. It’s just each 15-minute episode combined together, though it’s nice to not wait a week for the following episode.

Though we already knew that, and Microsoft’s confirmation that the War Game Map Pack will have nine maps with three designed for competitive multiplayer.

What we didn’t know if players will receive 6 out of the 9 available Specializations in Halo 4, though none are available for use until level 50 — the maximum level in Halo 4 – is met. Specializations are basically designed to be end-game content and provide in-game modifiers.

Limited Edition Game/Console

Players get the UNSC Infinity Briefing packet, a collection of physical goodies from an armor customization schematic to an insight into the Spartan-IVs (the Spartans you’ll be controlling in Halo 4). For reference, Master Chief is a Spartan-II.

Of course there will be cosmetic bonuses on offer. Recruit and Prime Spartan skins will be available, a Prime weapon skin, a Prime in-game emblem, and the Recruit armor for Xbox 360 avatars. A Cryo-Tube avatar prop is also available for use. Various cosmetic bonuses are available. The “Recruit” and “Prime” in-game Spartan armor skins, an Assault Rifle “Prime” weapon skin, a “Prime” in-game emblem, the Recruit armor for Xbox 360 avatars, and a Cryo-Tube avatar prop. The latter refers to Chief waking up from cryo sleep after 4 years of effectively suspended animation, heading to the unknown Forerunner planet Requiem.

I’m considering buying the Limited Edition over the console, because the bundled items seem to be greater value.

Limited Edition Game On Amazon

Published: Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 Last Modified: August 21, 2012

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