Red Stripe Deals Highlight Microsoft’s Game Strategy

As the Windows Store has become increasingly popular for Windows 8 and Windows Phone users, the number of games that have been bought on the store has as well. On Thursday, Microsoft highlighted a number of popular games and programs which are part of this weeks Red Stripe Deals.

The Red Stripe Deals as Microsoft calls them, are must have programs and need to be purchased. They are often fun, productive, and are usually big hits on the Windows Store. They continue to push the Windows Store as the key storefront for Windows users, and it is becoming it quickly.

Microsoft Highlights My Trips During Red Stripe Sale

Utilities and Children’s Games

To show that the Windows Store isn’t all about games, Microsoft highlighted My trips as a program that is now half off. The My Trips app allows frequent travellers to import their flights, hotels, and itineraries into the program. It is available for Windows, Windows Phone, and other Windows platforms, and is a must have for travellers.

For children, Microsoft is highlighting two very popular children’s games in the Red Stripe Deals this week. From Topsy and Tim Start School. this program is a TV based program that gives children games and puzzles to solve. It is 75% off now. The other program, the Care Bears Create & Share, is a fun game for kids, and is also 75 percent off for children to play with now.

Microsoft Discounts Asphalt 7 As Red Stripe Game Of The Week

Games For Windows

It wouldn’t be a Red Stripe sale without games, and Microsoft has three very popular ones on sale this week. Xolitaire Xtreme is a solitaire based game, built the most extreme one you have ever seen. It has 200 solitaire games for beginners to experts. Eternal Journey, which is a deep ocean puzzle adventure is also on sale for only $1.99.

This biggest game on sale is Asphalt 7, which is Gamesoft’s biggest selling racing game. It has tons of cars and courses to choose from, and is one of the best racing games on the Windows platform to date. It is under $2.50 for either the Windows Store or Windows Phone program, and has over 60 cars and numerous tracks to choose from. This is a must have for racing fans.

Microsoft loves these deals and loves to promote them. It shows how popular the Windows Store has become, and how popular it will get.

Published: Friday, April 11th, 2014 Last Modified: April 11, 2014

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