Record Your Diary Thoughts With Diarium On Windows 10

People have used diaries throughout history to record their thoughts, ideas, and are used by people of all ages. Now, technology has made diaries come online. For the tech savvy, Diarium has made the digital diary process available on Windows 10.

Diarium is a unique and interesting diary app for Windows 10, it’s main purpose is to bring users the diary process on their Windows 10 machine. It’s a 100 percent diary app, and a compelling app for diary fans.

Record Your Diary Thoughts With Diarium On Windows 10

Diarium Features

Diarium is a feature-rich diary app, and it works across Windows 10 Mobile and desktop devices. It gives you daily notifications to remind you to write down memories, and that can be a kickstart to help those to write daily.

The Diarium app lets you attach photos, audio recordings, tags, people, and drawings to the diary entries. It also has total integration into your calendar so you’ll know when something happened and when.

Windows 10 Gets Amazing Diary App

Safe and Social Savvy

With Diarium you can also share your diary entries via social media, and it has Twitter integration built into the app. You can also back up the data via export and import methods, and export them to any format to share if desired.

But, Diarium also keeps your diary entries safe. You can include optional password protection with your entries, and that is helpful on a shared system. It also syncs to your OneDrive, so you know your diary will be safe on your system and the cloud.

If you’ve wanted a diary app, try Diarium on Windows 10. It’s $4.99 on the Windows Store, but a worthy diary app for the writers in all of us.

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Published: Monday, September 19th, 2016 Last Modified: September 19, 2016

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