Record Attendances At Tokyo Game Show 2013

TGS 2013 has now co ncluded and organisers can revel in the fact that the exhibition proved a massive hit and broke attendance records across the board.

TGS 2013 Records Impressive Attendance Figures

Overall, over 270,000 people attended the event which is a significant increase on last year’s total of just over 220,000.


The two public days which took place on Saturday and Sunday had 102,399 and 115,44 people show up respectively.

The two business days took place on the Thursday and Friday before and rounded up the impressive attendance figures.

The event itself had over 352 companies that ranged from 33 different countries exhibiting their range of products. Everything from games, consoles and peripherals were on show at this year’s event.

Sony Show PS Vita Tv at TGS 2013

While we have already seen the PS4 there was still plenty of excitement surrounding Sony’s booth.

There were playable PS4 titles and a whole new rang of PS Vitas shown off.The device is slimmer with improved buttons but lacks an OLED screen. The biggest shock however ,was the unveiling of the Ps Vita Tv.


This device will cost less than 100 dollars but will allow gamers to play PSX,PSP and some but not all PS Vita titles. Gamers will also be able to stream PS4 titles through this nifty little unit.

Lack Of Next Gen Titles At TGS 2013

One trend that was widely noticed at this year’s Toko Game Show was the lack of next-gen titles on display or playable at all.

Most of the PS4 and Xbox One release were video only and it appears that there is still plenty of love being shown for the current generation with many releases getting attention. We did get a further look at Metal Gear Solid V with Kojima himself presenting yet another video.


The Wii-U however had next to no titles on display which may have been due to Nintendo themselves not showing anything at the convention. The lack of developers showing off any new releases for the console was a worrying sign however.

Published: Thursday, September 26th, 2013 Last Modified: September 26, 2013

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