Reasons Why Windows 8 Could Work for Business Users, Portable Workspaces Is One

Windows 8 For Business UserMicrosoft previewed Metro for business earlier this year, and here’s why it might work.

Many have been left unconvinced by the Metro interface in business, but here’s why it could work

We you think about business, you think about getting stuff done. While the Metro UI in Windows 8 is nice, it falls on the line of fun rather than function. Regular Windows is still available, allowing functionality to take over aesthetic changes. But, can Metro succeed in a business environment? Microsoft thought so earlier this year, and here’s why it could.

One advantage of Windows 8 is that Metro allows the OS to work well on tablet of all sizes. This means for business users, travelling while viewing projects and meetings and presentations can be done as effectively as on a PC with keyboard and mouse. Some might say it’s more effective, because Metro is designed around touch. Also, because of the cloud service SkyDrive, documents can be sent between devices to be viewed by anyone. For teams collaborating on the same documents, this is essential and is built into the Metro interface.

Windows To Go, as we’ve reported on in the past, allows users to users Windows without a PC running Windows 8 through an app stored on a USB. Documents can then be edited, saved and re-uploaded.

Window 8 is also a straight upgrade from Windows 7, partly down to the fact that half of the OS is effectively the same. For business users this is attractive because everything they’re working on in Windows 7 will be there. Metro can be used gradually, almost as an experiment. In my opinion this is a good move by Microsoft, as the ‘new’ Metro can be used by users when theyw want to.

Content control

An attractive feature from my point of view is how Metro puts all the apps on the Start Screen in large, colourful titles that can be seen. For business users, this means content can be seen very easily. It may even increased productivity, rather than searching for documents in Windows or double-clicking on a folder and then opening a file and then opening a program. If users need to set up quickly for a presentation, Metro seems the way to go with its slick UI.

Published: Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 Last Modified: June 29, 2014

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