Classic Gaming Themes: Unreal Tournament

Another classic shooter made by Epic Games that is indeed simply epic, is Unreal Tournament. If you liked the classic Unreal Tournament or Unreal Tournament 2003, download this epic Windows 7 theme!

Unreal Tournament Windows 7 Theme

Unreal Tournament 3 wasn’t exactly the best shooter, but Unreal Tournament 2003 was one of the VERY best shooter games that I know. Onslaught and many of the other modes are very innovative gameplay modes that you can play over and over again, a lot of replay value. If you are looking forward to Unreal Tournament 4, you will be disappointed thou, Epic Games is not planning to develop a new UT any time soon.

One of my best experiences in Unreal Tournament was playing against a progamer from Mouz (mousesports) in a WLC (World Cyber Games) qualification match, that was just a really cool learning experience. And I learned it the hard way, if you want to be good in a shooter like Unreal Tournament you need not only have good reflexes, you also need to know the location of every health pack, shield belts and any powerup or you are doomed and you need to find the best way to collect all of them (e.g. learn a predefined route that you always use) quickly.

What was your best experience in Unreal Tournament?

Unreal Tournament Wallpaper

Download Unreal Tournament Windows 7 Theme

The Windows 7 theme will be automatically installed after a double-click. If you are on Windows 7 Starter you might want to extract the Unreal Tournament wallpapers and use one of the popular tools to change your desktop background in Windows 7 Starter.

Published: Sunday, March 13th, 2011 Last Modified: March 13, 2011

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