Real-time Co-Authoring Now On Office 365

On Thursday, Microsoft gave its Office 365 users something that has been a very high priority item on many users want lists. Now, users who work together on documents and co-authoring papers can use Office 365 to produce these documents, and not rely on Google Docs or other services.

The release of the updates to Office 365 has been a huge hit across the Office 365 community, and Microsoft continues to listen to users and their requests. The real-time ability to work on documents and projects together using Office 365 should draw more people to it.


Real-Time Work

Other Updates Made To Office 365

In addition to the real-time coauthoring updates, other updates have also been made. In the Word Web App, improved formatting controls have been implemented. Also, search and replace has been enhanced, styles to tables have been revamped, headers and footers have been pumped up to work better, and other updates made.

For the Excel Web App, users can drag and drop cells and reorder sheets easier, get quick analysis on ranges of data, more workbook types have been supported, and sheets with Sheet Protection can be used. Also, the PowerPoint Web App has been given picture cropping functionality, managing of files online easier, and files can be edited within the windows of the PowerPoint Web App.

I use Office 365 and the Web Apps daily, and love this update. Users who have multiple authors at the same time should start using this immediately over Google Docs and others.

Published: Saturday, November 9th, 2013 Last Modified: November 9, 2013

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