Real Evidence: Metro Apps Will Be Supported On Windows Phone 8

Windows 8 Laptop Witn Metro AppsThis is something that everybody has been taking for granted but without strong evidence to suggest it, up until now.

More Evidence Suggesting Windows Phone 8 Support For Generic Windows 8 Metro Apps

A prominent Microsoft member, Lino Taldros, recently opened a new thread on Codecamp_12 event titled “Building Windows Phone 8 Metro Applications”. This is what has sparked off fresh reports of Windows Phone 8 supporting Metro Apps from Windows 8. Even though there’s not much else available other than the title, is seems like there’s something official cooking in there. Taldros has claimed that the session in question is currently under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and the details will only be revealed right before the event.

The event in question is most likely to be Microsoft’s Developer summit, coming up in June this year. It is also the event that is expected to see the release of Windows 8 Release Preview — the next and final Windows 8 milestone build before the commercial launch (that is expected to happen) later this year.

There’s currently some confusion regarding Windows Phone apps and Metro apps because earlier, Microsoft declared Silverlight will have no support on Windows 8 Metro. Silverlight is the platform that has so far been used to develop Windows Phone apps. There are alternatives that will replace it.

In addition to this new piece of information, we are also aware of the fact that Windows Phone 8 Apollo will support existing Windows Phone 7.5 apps. Microsoft would not have it any other way because that would mean starting from zero again in the app marketplace when they are already the last major entrants into the race to the top. Apple is the current leader in terms of number of apps available on a mobile platform.

The only major uncertainty that remains now is whether existing Windows Phone devices would be able to switch over to Windows Phone 8.

Published: Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 Last Modified: May 9, 2012

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