Razer’s Project Fiona: Windows 8 Gaming Tablet Can Run Full PC Games (video)

Razer has been talking about their Project Fiona gaming tablet that will run Windows 8 and will be able to run all sorts of full-fledged PC games.

Razer Talks About Project Fiona Windows 8 based Gaming tablet at CES 2012

Razer Project Fiona Windows 8 Gaming Tablet Concept

Razer’s Project Fiona is a concept tablet that will be running Windows 8 and will be supporting full-fledged PC games. Since they are talking about PC games like Firefall that already exist on the market, they seem to be planning to build an Intel powered tablet. According to the company, which is famous for making high-end gaming accessories like specially designed precision computer mice and game pads, the Project Fiona tablet will be designed with a price tag of below $1000 in mind.

As for specs, Razer is planning to use a 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor AKA Ivy Bridge and couple it with an SSD. The memory will no doubt also be on the higher side, like a DDR3. The one thing that Razer does not seem to be ready to talk about is their plans for the GPU. As a gaming tablet, it is clearly the most important aspect. There are several great discrete mobile GPU’s to choose from with both AMD Radeon and NVIDIA fighting it out in the open market. However, it is possible that Razer is not talking about it because their plans is still a trade a secret and it might be the one component that really makes or breaks the tablet. Razer has at least acknowledged the fact that discrete GPU chip from AMD or NVIDIA is definitely a possibility.

Specifications of the Project Fiona Tablet include a 10.1inch display with a resolution. It will apparently have a battery life that is similar to a laptop and not another Intel CPU based tablet. That could mean anywhere between 6-8 hours. There are also plans for force feedback and built in accelerometer. Razer might also incorporate an Android OS overlay.

The idea here is to make something that give the real gaming experience on a tablet. The concept render shows a game pad controller on either side. Razer is yet to confirm whether those are removable or not.

Published: Thursday, January 12th, 2012 Last Modified: January 12, 2012

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