Rayman: Legends Get Leaked Way Ahead of a Probable E3 2012 Reveal

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That surveyed Rayman sequel is very, very real.

The rumored sequel to Rayman Origins is a lot more than a sequel, according to a leaked video

A leaked survey detailing what users would like to see in a sequel to Rayman Origins suggested Ubisoft were reinvesting the game’s profits. Now, a leaked trailer – perhaps due to release at E3 2012 – proves the game is real.

The game will be called Rayman Legends. The trailer shows off new, Legendary settings that range from a burning castle – with dragons flying above Rayman – and traditional forest areas. The brief glimpse of the level seems to maintain the platforming and momentum-base gameplay Origins perfected, along with the co-operative gameplay.

There is also a new rendering engine, which seems to expand on the hand-drawn 2D art style by allowing more particle effects. Whether more 2.5D elements are introduced was unconfirmed.

There will also be new, playable characters. One teased in the trailer looks like one of the faires rescued in Rayman Origins, though could be someone entirely different. The character also held an axe, so weapons may be introduced or even collected in the game (though it’s likely part of the design, and doesn’t increase damage).

Greater online support

Online play has been expanded outside of co-op, with mini-games – the trailer showed a football match where players have to punch the ball into a raise goal – now in. With the trailer for the Wii U, it suggests the console will have a more robust online network that supports matchmaking with other plays and possible game chat.

Social gaming is the surprise reveal in the trailer. Perhaps integrating into Facebook, players can spend Lums to plays games. Presumably microtransactions are in to buy more Lums if players run out, as Mass Effect 3 allows player to spend money to buy item packs in the multiplayer mode.

Like we saw in the screenshots from the survey, there’s some kind of time trial mode where players race against ghosts. The video shows three other ghosts, so perhaps the player has selected to race against other players.

There’s also Wii U exclusive content. Players can move platforms via the tablet, and put items on the screen to drop in characters.

Published: Friday, April 27th, 2012 Last Modified: April 27, 2012

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