Randomize & Reminder Apps Arrive To Make Windows 10 Fun

Lots of different apps come into the Windows Store, and are arriving daily for Windows 10. We write a lot about them here, and some are fun, some crazy, and some useful. Two new ones from Ad Duplex let you randomize things and remind you with easiness.

Ad Duplex is a company that promotes and builds Windows 10 apps, and they have been building internal apps for a while. They have now released these two apps on the Windows Store, and are their own tools released to the masses on Windows 10.

Random Tools Lets You Randomize With Windows 10

Random Tool

The first app released by Ad Duplex, is a simple random tool generator, and its a good app to have in case you ever need to randomize things. It’s useful for contest, numbers, dice rolling, and any other time you need randomized things.

There are a number of randomizing apps on the Windows Store, but this free app from Ad Duplex works great, and is fast. It can even speak the results outloud, and if you have a group meeting or setting, this can be a great tool and feature to have at your disposal.

One Tap Reminders Sets Easy Reminders On Windows 10

One Tap Reminders

The second app released by Ad Duplex, is a simple and very easy to use reminder tool. It lets you set easy reminders like something five minutes from now, or anything else. Its preset timers work with ease, and they work simply.

You are able pin these reminders to the start screen, and activate them with a single tap. Users can even ask Cortana to set reminders using One Tap Reminders, and that showcases its excellence. It works on desktops and mobile Windows 10 devices.

Both One Tap Reminders and Random Tool are great free apps. They are simple and easy tools, and a must download for Windows 10.



Published: Friday, October 7th, 2016 Last Modified: October 7, 2016

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