Rainmeter Halo 4 Theme: Transform Windows Into Full Sci-Fi OS

Halo 4 Windows Desktop_thumb2 Lately, I’m drawn to Sci-fi literature and games. I stumbled onto this incredible Halo 4 Rainmeter theme that completely changes the look of your Windows 7 desktop

  • Here’s what we are going to put on our desktop using the sophisticated tool Rainmeter. Follow the instructions below

Halo 4 Windows Desktop Small

Sci-Fi Literature

Before we take a closer look at this theme, I would like to recommend a Sci-Fi book that shaped my view on the genre, it’s a classic from the 60’s, but despite its age it’s incredibly modern and is probably one of the most-read Sci-Fi classics ever. Halo fans will feel right at home just by reading the introduction. Alternatively, if you think you’re not quite ready to read this, there are some great Halo Books

Starship Troopers – book from the 60’s, possibly an inspiration for the entire Halo game franchise:

The Halo 4 Theme – Sci-Fi Rainmeter Skins Par Excellence

IMPORTANT: The following theme will only work if you have successfully installed Rainmeter

Head over to http://mannem.deviantart.com/  to download this incredible package – we prepared a package for you that also includes our Halo 4 themepack with new icons, which you can download here

First of all, double-click the file halo_4_by_mannem-d5gfvza.rmskin:

Halo 4 Rainmeter Installer

Open Rainmeter and start uncollapsing the folder Hi-Tech Desktop. The folder animated, Animation and Arcs have some cool skins that you could use for your Halo desktop

The app launcher with the Halo skin is in the folder Hi-Tech Desktop / Launcher / Launcher.ini

Launcher Skin

The Halo badge is in the folder Avengers, Shield Tag, Shield Tag.ini

Shield Tag Ini

The Music player is in the folder Avengers / Music / Music.ini

Music Launcher Skin

The Halo radar is in the folder High-Tech Desktop / D.U. Radar / Radar.ini

Radar Skin

The Recycle bin bar is a little hidden in the folder Recycle Bin / Recycle Bin.ini in the skin folder High-Tech Desktop

Recycle Bin Desktop

The Final Result: Full Halo Desktop

Halo 4 Windows Desktop Small

Click here to see large picture of final Halo desktop

If you have any questions, please post them below

Published: Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 Last Modified: March 3, 2015

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