RaiderZ MMO – Screenshots and Gameplay Video

Wohoo! Perfect World is bringing RaiderZ to the Western world. EPIC is the wrong word to describe this. MMO fans and dragon slayers should have this on their watchlist. Here are the first screenshots and the first gameplay video! (Check out the gameplay video, it’s so much better than the static screens)

RaiderZ MMO

RaiderZ is one of those MMO where skill actually matters, it has no targeting system and much like Darkfall you need to cast your spells into the right direction or they’ll never hit the target.

RaiderZ will get a lot more footage at the E3 2011 this summer, but for now you should at least check out the very awesome gameplay video!

Raiderz Screenshots

Raiderz MMO Screenshot
Raiderz MMO Screenshot
Raiderz MMO Screenshot
Raiderz MMO Screenshot

Raiderz Gameplay Video

If you like fighting huge monsters with huge weapons, you’ll definitely like this one, but I especially like the animations of the dragons.

Published: Thursday, March 10th, 2011 Last Modified: March 10, 2011

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