Quick Preview Your Windows 10 Files With Quicklook

One thing that the Mac OS has going for it, is the quick ability to view files quickly, with the space bar. It’s a handy feature, and missing from Windows 10. Now, a handy and free Windows 10 app named Quicklook aims to assist users.

Quicklook is a free Windows 10 app made by Paddy Xu, and has gotten five-star reviews on the Windows Store. It’s a very handy Windows 10 app, and is great for quickly viewing files in a few seconds on your Windows 10 machine.

Go Through Files Quicker Using QuickLook Preview App

App Features

Quicklook is a free app, and it works on all Windows 10 systems, with the exception of Windows 10 S devices. It does though enable very quick previews of files, and just requires the space bar to get that going.

The Quicklook app works via a few different methods for users. Pressing the Spacebar enables preview and close preview features. The escape key powers the close preview. Enter powers the run and close preview, while the Control+Mouse Wheel lets users zoom on images and documents. Finally, the mouse wheel allows for adjusting volumes.

View Images Quickly Using Quicklook On Windows 10

A Very Handy App

This app is great if you handle a lot of different documents or images, and name them very similarly. This allows you to quickly go through documents or images at a fast pace, and gives you a lot more control over your Windows 10 files.

The app itself is a lightweight Windows 10 app, and loads very quickly, and installs just as quick. Users love it via their reviews that are posted on the Windows Store, and a feature app like this, should be built into the Windows OS system already.

QuickLook is free and on the Windows Store. If you want control of your files, get it now.


Published: Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 Last Modified: November 28, 2017

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