Qualcomm Will Launch Multiple Windows 8 Form Factors (Letexo hybrid device!)

Samsungs Ultrabooks Combine Best Of Tablet And Laptop World
More devices for consumers to use this year. Qualcomm has multiple new form factors for Windows 8 in store

Looking towards choosing a Windows 8 Device? Well, there’s more coming from Qualcomm

It’s kind of incredible to think Apple is dominating the tablet market with one device. Yes they were the first company to bring user-friendly tablets, but consumers are buying effectively one device. Microsoft launches Windows 8 later this year, and we could potentially be seeing hundreds of devices.

The latest company to announce they’ll be bringing devices to the platform is Qualcomm, who are preparing to launch a mix of new and old form factors according to their vice president of marketing Tim McDonough.

Reports earlier this month suggested the company was ready to launch “thin and light” Windows 8 laptops running the company’s Snapdragon S4 processors, and would arrive later this year. The launch of the devices would be a new move for Qualcomm, who focus on tablets and smartphones.

McDonough said the company’s chips will allow OEMs to explore a range of form factors. He said “they [OEM’s] could build clam shells, they could build a tablet … a convertible PC.” He added that any devices using the S4 will have ultra-thin designs and will be power efficient.

McDonough also said the small size of the chip allows OEMS to explore small form factors. We’ve seen with the MacBook Air how Apple has managed to create an ultra-thin laptop while offering great performance and battery life. For all OEMS, especially those building for Windows 8, it has to be the benchmark.

In what could be a marketing slogan for Microsoft, McDonough said devices using the S4 chip allows users to “do more, while charging less.” And for Windows, an OS based around productivity and having fun, charging devices all the time would be counter intuitive.

Intel unveil Letexo hybrid device

Latexo Intel Hybrid Ultrabook
Picture: Letexo Intel hybrid device

Qualcomm’s released laptops would go up against rivals such as Intel, who currently have 20 Ultrabooks on the market. I bet we’ll quickly see that amount for Windows 8 during launch.

Intel unveiled the Letexo ultrabook at the Intel Developer Forum last week. A hybrid device that can be used as a tablet and laptop, the keyboard rests on the back when used as the former while the screen rests on a kickstand while used as a laptop.


Published: Friday, April 20th, 2012 Last Modified: April 20, 2012

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