PS3 Game: Beyond Two Souls Theme (Game About After-Life)

Beyond Two Souls Wallpaper Themes This is a theme for the upcoming game Beyond Two Souls for the PS3 – put this on your watchlist if you’re into spiritual stories

It looks like Sony is ramping up their game lineup for 2013. “The Last Of Us” looks like it will one of the best titles for PS3 yet – but here is yet another game with a really promising story and high-profile voice and motion actors like Ellen Page. The voice-over script is longer than 2000 pages and should underline what a massive undertaking this game is. They are also using up-to-date motion-capturing tools to make the characters in the story a lot more realistic.  All of this should help to make this game one of the best of 2013. Everyone who played Heavy Rain should put this on their watchlist

You can now preorder this game – click here for the best offers: Beyond Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls Wallpaper

We added a bunch of high-res backgrounds to this theme:

Beyond Two Souls Wallpaper 1

Beyond Two Souls Wallpaper 2

Beyond Two Souls Wallpaper 3

Beyond Two Souls Wallpaper 4

Beyond Two Souls Wallpaper 5

Beyond Two Souls Wallpaper 6

Beyond Two Souls Wallpaper 7

Link: Download This GameR Theme Now

Beyond Two Souls theme

Free: Get Beyond Two Souls Windows 7 Theme

This theme is 5 MB large and supports the operating systems Windows 7 Home, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. Should you need support with the installation, please read our many tutorials on the subject.

Published: Sunday, November 4th, 2012 Last Modified: November 4, 2012

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